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At Royal Dent, we are focused on providing  dental services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

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 Periodontal Disease Treatment Options

At our office, work hard to prepare our patients for the threat of periodontal disease by providing them with the best patient education we have at our disposal. We also make sure to keep a close eye on any suspicious areas and keep detailed charts. If your case of periodontal disease is already in need of therapy, we can provide comfortable treatment right here in our office with the help of our advanced soft tissue lasers. These excellent tools make it easy for us to cut away affected tissue while simultaneously sterilizing the treatment area and minimizing any bleeding. It’s the most comfortable method out there, and we’re happy to provide it for you here at our updated office!

What are Porcelain  and Press Ceramic Veneers?
Veneers are lifelike, wafer-thin shells of dental porcelain that are created specifically to fit the smiles of each patient. The process is simple enough. Our team will make the beautiful restorations - porcelain and press-ceramic veneers - you can even change aspects of certain teeth, including their shade, size, shape, or even length! Once your brand-new veneers have been expertly crafted, we’ll fit them snugly into place, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that their look and feel is ideal for you. You’ll then leave our office with a brand-new, stellar look that you’ll be proud to show off to the world.
Porcelain and press ceramic veneers are very natural-looking, and they’re just as durable as regular teeth, meaning that you won’t have to make any tedious changes to your oral hygiene routine or your diet in order to accommodate them. In fact, veneers have been shown through research to be even more resistant against staining than natural teeth.
Contact the office of Dr. Gogi Mirotadze and Vladimer Margvelashvili today to learn more about the numerous benefits of porcelain veneers! Our team is dedicated to making your dental visits simpler, smoother, and more comfortable than ever before. Located in Tbilisi, we also serve the areas of all Georgia and beyond.

Clinic's favorite reviews
NatiaTbilisi "Extremely pleased with quality of service"

"I registered at Royal Dent when my dentist of many years retired. I felt nervous on my first visit but now after a few appointments I feel calm and relaxed. The treatment I have received from Doctor Giorgi has been excellent and I am extremely pleased with the quality of service. The staff is friendly and thank you Doctor Giorgi Gviniashvili and Royal Dent for making it easier for me to visit the dentist Giorgi.

Doctor Giorgi Gviniashvili is a great dentist, very polite, professional, gentle and informative. A very up to date practice... I will certainly be going back to this dentist again. Hard to believe, I have received treatment at such economical cost."

Natalia Reykjavik:   "I have known Nino Gumberidze for many years (about 16). She is an incredible and excellent highly skilled dentist, go up with the latest advances in dentistry. I am a patient Nino alredy 17 years and am very glad that I was treated by a doctor known her job 100%. And most importantly always positive with smiling. This allows patients to feel comfortable.

Royal Dent is the best clinic in Tbilisi. Very well equipped dental clinic meets very high standards of the world's requirements.I advise all my friends and acquaintances Royal Dent. Best of the best."
Nato Tbilisi : 

"I hesitate to say that I actually enjoy going to the dentist, but I think they are lovely at this practice - friendly, professional and helpful. Always explain treatment options of they are required and never feel pressured to receive treatment I don't need. Top marks!

Every treatment I have had has been excellent. From a normal check up through to my recent cosmetic treatment (to even-up my smile), the dentist has been excellent! The dentist is always very clear & friendly & keeps track on my ongoing treatment."

David  Brasilia  : 

"For some years I have suffered from TMD (temporo-mandibular disorder), and some months ago I started to feel a lot of pain on my jaw. So I went to many doctors and they said I needed orthodontic treatment, and with the Daemon system that I got at Royal Dent with Doctor Tamuna I don't feel any pain anymore! Besides, my teeth look great!
I have a great experience with this clinic so far, and recommend it strongly! The ambient is well organized and clean, and the treatment I got really solved my problems! The recommendations that I got from other doctors also made me feel confident in my choice."

Marina USA:  Treatment Received -  Cosmetic dentist consultation, dental bridges. The dental work performed on me was perfect. The clinic is very clean, and well-equipped to the latest level, dentists are very professional and thoughtful, I'd recommend the clinic to my friends and to my relatives."
Lia Georgia : 
"I know Nino gumberidze more than 15 years and can say that I am very lucky in my life to meet a doctor like Nino. She is the most considerate person and reliable doctor I have ever met. In spite the fact that she is a very highly competent dentist she is always open to know the world's latest innovation in Dentistry and use it in her practice. I wish I knew such kind of responsible doctor like Nino in other field of medicine. The clinic is one of the best clinic in Tbilisi. This a very well equipped dental clinic meets very high standards of the world's requirements. Doctors and all personnel are very competent and not surprisingly it has many grateful and loyal clientele."
Mike Switzerland:   

Did cleaning (Doctor Nino Gumberidze) and Zirconia Crown (Doctor Gogi Mirotadze).  Both works were carried out quickly and professionally. The value for money is common practice and the staff is friendly and absolutely professionally. It was a good decision and investment for the future. I've been sent by my insurance in this clinic with the best recommendations. The staff is very friendly, professionally and accommodating. The clinic is very clean, tidy and the treatment was real fun. Can recommend this clinic really highly to anyone!" 

Alexei Azerbaijan 

"Very helpful"   "Good experience. I am very satisfied with Doctor Nino's care and interaction. Good job! Keep it up. Very satisfied. Recommended to everyone!" 
Nino Tbilisi, GE:  Very happy with Giorgi Gviniashvili, will definitely recommend people here. Had a pain-free treatment... He is highly skilled in gum surgery and gum techniques and has advanced education
Sandra Los Angeles, US
Great customer service and pleasant staff. I always enjoy knowing I will be taken at my actual appointment time Fast, easy convenient appointments, great location. I would definitely recommend Royal Dent to anyone! 
Мария  АстанаГоги Миротадзе - Специалист высокого класса в области функции и окклюзии. Специализация: лечение зубов, несъемное и съемное протезирование, комбинированное протезирование на имплантациях. В сотрудничестве с ортодонтом, применяет самые современные техники исполнения, выполняет прекрасные точные работы, в том числе, по поднятию прикуса. 
ამირან ცანავა :  მოგესალმებით! სულ ახლა ხანს გავხდი თქვენი არაჩეულებრივად კარგი კლინიკის პაციენტი და მინდა მადლობა მოგახსენოთ იმისათვის, რომ გყავთ ბრწყინვალე ექიმების და მათი დამხმარე პერსონალის ძალიან კარგი შემადგენლობა! პირადად მე გახლდით ქეთი რამიშვილთან და მინდა დავაფიქსირო მის მიმართ უდიდესი მადლიერება და ვუსურვო წარმატებები პროფესიულ განვითარებაში! ძალიან ყურადღებიანი, კომუნიკაბელური და გამოცდილი ექიმია. აგრეთვე მთლიანად როიალ დენტს, ქალბატონ ნინოს და მის თითოეულ თანამშრომელს - დიდი მადლობა! სიამოვნებით გესტუმრებით მომავალშიც და დარწმუნებული ვარ რომ ისეთივე კმაყოფილი ვიქნები, როგორიც პირველივე დღის შთაბეჭდილებებიდან გამომდინარე ვარ!

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Nino Vadachkoria
Зубоврачебная клиника ROYAL DENT находится в самом престижном месте Грузии – в известном городе Тбилиси, Кипшидзе 2 а. Руководитель клиники профессор Нино Вадачкория.
ROYAL DENT предлагает своим клиентам профессиональное обслуживание в комфортных условиях. Для наших клиентов важна красота улыбки, состояние покоя при общении со специалистами. Вы можете говорить по-английски, по-русски. Благодаря зарубежному опыту наших профессиональных дантистов, современному оборудованию, великолепному сервису и атмосфере уюта, Вы будете радовать себя и окружающих свежим дыханием и ослепительной улыбкой!
Дантисты ROYAL DENT стояли у истоков новаторских преобразований в стоматологии, достойно прошли путь отбора и приобрели богатый опыт, постоянно повышая свое мастерство.
Услуги зубоврачебной клиники ROYAL DENT
В арсенале имеется система AIR FLOW, самые модные и современные средства от ведущих мировых производителей средств зубной косметики
Отбеливание зубов диодным лазером - Diode Laser-Activated Bleaching
Технология E-Max
Запатентованная Ivoclar Vivadent дисиликатлитиевая стеклокерамика произвела настоящую революцию в стоматологии. Материал сочетает высокую прочность и прекрасную эстетичность . В зависимости от исходной ситуации мы предлагаем пациентам индивидуальную реставрацию с безупречной эстетикой и необходимой прочностью.
Качественная работа врача-эндодонта превратит лечение каналов в приятную процедуру. Применяем самые щадящие и надежные методы обработки и заполнения каналов, а также препараты, которые помогут надолго сохранить ваши зубы.
У нас полный спектр услуг хирургической стоматологии - от удаления зуба до имплантации.
Интересное предложение от детского врача - цветные пломбы перламутровым блеском сверкают на жемчужных зубках ваших деток.

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction

Nino Vadachkoria

Chief Executive Officer
 Owner of the Royal Dent Clinic from Tbilisi in Georgia
For many years, Nino Vadachkoria has been an established dentist from Tbilisi in Georgia
She  offers vast dental care in further fields of dentistry

Natalia Manjavidze

Associated prof. at TSU
Natalia Manjavidze is the most talented dentist, very kind, nice and knowledgeable

Giorgi Gviniashvili

Implantology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr.Giorgi Gvinishvili  is a top-rated dentist specializing in providing dental implants at the Dental Clinic of Royal Dent. Dr. Giorgi utilizes state-of-the-art surgical approaches and technology to restore oral health and enhanced aesthetics to patients with damaged, diseased or missing teeth.

Nino Gumberidze

Dentist- Therapevtist/Surgury
Conservative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Examinations, Endodontics, General Dentistry, Laser Dentistry

Gogi Mirotadze

Prosthodontist Gogi Mirotatdze can fit patients with such prosthetic devices as single or multiple tooth replacement implants, crowns and bridges, veneers, Implant-based prostheses, partial dentures and complete dentures.

Londa Eliashvili

Well-educated specialist, experienced, with growth of knowledge of new technology. The diagnosis of disease is the cornerstone in her dental radiologist practice

Why Us?

Royal Dent  is the most welcoming place I We are 

make time to talk to you explain your treatment and costs which is  good for you.  All the staff are very happy, smiling and welcoming people and are great with nervous patients. The whole office is so accommodating.

 Jun 16, 2016
Dr. Gogi Mirotadze is a true professional and a great guy. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew he was an excellent dentist because of his attention to detail and the fact that he himself has great teeth. During the process of my crown treatment, he made me feel comfortable and thoroughly explained what procedure was needed and why. His work was fantastic; my crown feels and looks very natural! Thanks Dr. Gogi Mirotadze, I will be passing along recommendations to my friends and family

The dentists in Royal Dent are all awesome! Great dental care and phenomenal patient care. I had an extraction done by Dr. Giorgi Gviniashvili, and he was fantastic and very careful to explain the procedure and everything to me. He even gave me a number to reach him after, if it got infected or if I started having headaches. I've had my cavities filled and teeth cleaned by Dr. Nino Gumberidze and she is gentle with great bedside manner and always makes sure I'm educated on how to take care of my teeth. I accidentally came to my appointment early and she was already ready for me. Overall a trustworthy practice
Jun 16, 2016
Dentist and staff speak excellent English. Treatment was explained in detail and virtually painless. Best dental experience I've had anywhere in the world. Highly recommended.

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