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Laser whitening with Yotuel Extra White 35% Peroxide Whitening

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Yotuel Extra White 35% Peroxide Whitening - kit and gingival protector - Biocosmetics


Yotuel Extra White 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening

The latest generation whitening designed for professional in-clinic dental whitening, composed of highly-hydrogen peroxide at a high concentration of 35% and with complete security, developed thanks to its advanced formula that maintains a neutral pH during the entire procedure in order to avoid post-operative sensitivity.


Recommended for patients over 25 years old and with healthy teeth.


Advantages and features:


35% hydrogen peroxide concentration

Without sensitivity with a world patent

Speed: activation and oxygen release and whitening whilst taking care of the enamel, remineralising, providing shine and closing pores so that the tooth remains healthy.

Neutral pH throughout the clinical application time

Easy and safe application: direct and with good adherence

Immediate activation with or without light; the need for a lamp is optional

Includes xylitol, fluorine and potassium to preserve the micro hardness of the enamel

Colourless gel so the tooth doesn't overheat when using light

Doesn't dehydrate the enamel

Suitable gelling agent that allows adequate adherence and facilitates the application in the right areas, without shocks or material losses

Security: the mix of both syringes avoids possible cross contamination of the product when made at the time of application, in front of the patient, ensuring property maintenance.



1 x 0.5ml Yotuel Extra-White 35% syringe, for professional use

1 x 0.5ml Yotuel Extra-White Activator syringe

1 gingival protector syringe

Recommended application:


Session duration: 30 minutes

Number of sessions: 1-2

Colour variation: Achieves a whitening of up to 10 shades (by case)